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VATS Five Lobes Module

Validated Training

This VATS (Video Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery) lobectomy module offers training on the key steps in the resection of each of the five lung lobes with peripherally located T1 or T2 tumors, utilizing the Copenhagen Standardized Anterior Approach.

The LapSim VATS Lobectomy module was developed in collaboration with and validated by Drs. René Horsleben Petersen, Henrik Jessen Hansen, and Katrine Jensen at Department of Cardio thoracic Surgery, Copenhagen University Hospital, Denmark.

With realistic anatomies and improved tissue handling, together with enhanced graphics, these exercises give the trainee both procedural and technical understanding, before entering the OR.

The module includes six scenarios and the same metrics used in the validation study “Using virtual reality simulation to assess competence in video assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) lobectomy”, published in Surgical Endoscopy by Dr. Katrine Jensen et al. 2016.

Key Training Elements:

  • Acquire knowledge of specific procedural steps and technical challenges
  • Identification and dissection of hilum/vessels
  • Use of elastic vessel rubber loop
  • Sequential stapling of veins, arteries, bronchus and fissure
  • Bleeding control
  • Learn to avoid critical structures, such as the Phrenic nerve
A vats lobectomy exercise on a simbionix simulator
lobectomy procedure on LapSim simulator Dissection With Peanut Cotton Tips
Lobectomy exercise on LapSim simulator Sealing off Lobes With Stapler
Lobectomy exercise on LapSim simulator A Range of Instruments Available, Such as Maryland Vessel Sealer

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