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Staying Away From the Triangle of Doom

Train on the key steps of the Totally Extraperitoneal (TEP) approach, where the hernia sac is returned into the abdominal cavity, while relating to anatomical landmarks such as epigastric vessels, triangle of doom, triangle of pain, vas deferens, gonadal vessels and Cooper’s ligament.

Key Training Elements:

  • Identification of structures
  • Dissection of adhesions, while relating to critical structures
  • Mobilization and reduction of hernia sac
  • Placement of mesh to reinforce the abdominal wall
  • Fixation of mesh with correct use of tacks or sealant
Hernia procedure on LapSim simulator Warning: Too Close to the Vas Deferens
Hernia procedure on LapSim simulator Fixating the Mesh With Tacks

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