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Comprehensive Procedural Training

The LapSim Hysterectomy module offers comprehensive procedural training including step-by-step instructions, real procedure videos, pre-set courses, on-screen tips, and
objective performance feedback with suggestions for improvements. Alternative port placement options are available.

The LapSim Hysterectomy module was developed and tested with the kind support of the department of Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine, Sahlgrenska University Hospital,

Key Training Elements:

  • Uterine manipulation
  • Dissection and ligation of round ligament with selected surgical instrument
  • Development of broad ligament and identification of ureter
  • Mobilization of the bladder (creation of vesico-uterine reflection)
  • Identification, skeletonization, and safe ligation of uterine vessels
  • Colpotomy
  • Closure of the vaginal cuff by suturing
  • Bleeding control and relating to critical structures: avoid damage to ureter, bladder, vasculature etc.

Exercise Example: Opening the Cuff

Hysterectomy exercise on LapSim simulator Development of Broad Ligament

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