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LapSim simulator side-view

LapSim Haptic – A Powerful Laparoscopic Trainer

The LapSim Haptic hardware platform combines force feedback technology, using our own patented tracking devices, and powerful graphics, into an immersive training experience. Robust instrument handles and lap camera allows for high-volume usage, and the height-adjustable cart and trackpad interaction ensure good ergonomics throughout training sessions.


LapSim Essence simulatorLapSim essence

LapSim essence is a portable and ready-to-use desktop version of LapSim – a surgical training simulator that fills the gap between lo-fi simulators and fully loaded VR systems. Featuring the Basic Skills package, it includes our powerful simulation with pre-defined courses and detailed metrics, while the absent haptic feedback and separate camera handle makes it a more affordable solution for basic skills training.

LapSim close-up trackpad LapSim Haptic: ergonomic training with trackpad and touchscreen
LapSim Essence simulator LapSim essence: portable and ready-to-use desktop version
LapSim essence in its case LapSim essence: sells with travel case

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