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Inter-Professional Education

TeamSim® erases the gap between theory and practice for the whole OR team and the opportunity to practice and refine their communication and non-technical skills without any patient risk. Surgical Science have selected the most frequently performed surgeries in hospital operating rooms.


From clipping the cystic duct to removing the gall bladder, the Cholecystectomy Module simulates each critical step in this frequently performed laparoscopic procedure. With scenarios and skills-based customization, instructors can introduce complications and target specific skill development while driving procedural excellence. All steps from dissection of the hepatocystic triangle to dissection and freeing of gallbladder from the cystic plate can be performed in one exercise. Watch video…


The Appendectomy Module is designed to introduce residents to one of the most frequently performed surgeries in hospital ORs. This scenario-based simulation module will continually challenge trainees’ procedural knowledge and decision-making skills with extensive pathology variations and complications. The full procedure can now be made completely by free-hand, an unguided approach to the appendix. Watch video…


In study after study, training on TeamSim’s Gynecology Module has been proven to provide significant improvement in trainees’ skills before they step foot in an operating room. Now available on the latest technology platform together with new graphics and fresh visual look. Amended tactile feedback  and improved feeling of tissue handling.  Includes cutting edge simulations of four procedures: Tubal occlusion, Salpingectomy, Salpingostomy and Myoma suturing. Watch video…


Simulating the critical steps of a laparoscopic hysterectomy procedure, the LapSim Hysterectomy Module offers a comprehensive and customizable virtual training experience. The Hysterectomy Module includes right and left uterine artery dissection, vaginal cuff opening, and suturing of the cuff after removal of the uterus.


Abdominal Female Pelvic Camera Anatomy Training module focuses on communication while assisting. Utilizing the most advanced modeling technology, the TeamSim® Camera Anatomy Training module focuses on teaching camera handling with straight and angled optics within a virtual anatomy. Tasks are scored on multiple metrics, such as deviation from the horizontal line, focus, zoom and light intensity management, and drift.


The VATS module offers training on key steps in the removal of the upper right lung lobe, utilizing a three-port anterior approach. The key training elements are dissection of the hilum/vessels, identification of the vessels, use of the elastic vessel rubber loop, sequential stapling of the veins, arteries, bronchus and fissure , bleeding control and avoid critical structures, ex. the Phrenic nerve.


The Bariatrics module focuses the OR team’s attention on training of the most critical components of Bariatric procedures. The TeamSim Bariatrics Module features procedural deconstruction capabilities simulating various bariatric training tasks. Includes simulations of four training tasks: lap-band suturing, jejunal suturing, inspect and measure the bowel.


With the Nephrectomy Module the OR team can be presented with varying scenarios while performing Laparoscopic Nephrectomy. The TeamSim Nephrectomy Module features procedural deconstruction capabilities simulating the surgical removal of the kidney. Simulates three training tasks, including: kidney dissection, and kidney clipping.

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