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PERC Mentor Suite Platforms


The innovative PERC Mentor Suite system is comprised of interchangeable anatomical model puncture cartridges, an ultrasound probe, interventional tools (such as a needle and a syringe), an innovative all-in-one computer and a multi-touch screen. The configuration is enhanced by a wireless keyboard and a mouse for simple, convenient user operation. The system components are placed on a cart that can be wheeled into other rooms or departments as needed.  It’s also height adjustable, making training comfortable for all learners.











Interchangeable Anatomical Cartridges

Simply plug-in the anatomy relevant to the selected intervention and begin your training.

Central Line Placement / Brachial Plexus Nerve Block


Thoracentesis - SupineThoracentesis – Supine

Thoracentesis – Upright


Puncture Pad Components

The puncture pad is comprised of several tissue layers and bones, when applicable.

The pad is durable and can be utilized for hundreds of needle insertions.

Thoracentesis – Puncture Pad Layer

Central Line – Bones

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