LAPSIM®– The only proven simulator

Medical simulation training has shown to deliver a fast and patient‐safe path to surgical competence in the OR.

Our simulators are the most scientifically validated in the world. Studies have proven that our simulators work and that VR skills successfully transfer to the OR.1, 2  

We have applied these studies to create our own validated curricula, the LapSim Certification Program™

The LapSim Certification

Help establish a minimum proficiency level, in terms of hand-eye coordination, depth perception, spatial awareness, and instrumentation before surgeons treat their first patients.

There are two certified residency programs:

  1. General Surgery – the Ahlberg Exam
  2. Gynecology – the Larsen Exam

Or you can adapt the parameters and metrics of the certification program to fulfil your own training requirements. See our case study below.

Medical traning simulators and surgeon

General Surgery

  • A validated curriculum designed for residents in General Surgery
  • 40 Expert Training Tasks, including Grasping anf Clip Applying
  • Ahlberg Exam – based on a study in the American Journal of Surgery that showed that training on a VR simulator to a level of proficiency significantly improves intraoperative performance during a resident’s first 10 laparoscopic cholecystectomies. (1)


  • A validated curriculum designed for residents in Gynecology.
  • 40 Expert Training Tasks, from Grasping to Clip Applying.
  • Full Salpingectomy procedure
  • Larsen Exam – Based on the study “the effect of VR training on laparoscopic surgery” in the British Medical Journal that showed the positive impact of LapSim training on patient outcomes. 

Case Study –  Yale University School of Medicine

The Yale University School of Medicine collaborated with Surgical Science to integrate VR simulation into their residents’ training to create a new and successful simulation centre.

Dr. Hulda Einarsdottir,

Director of Surgical Simulation, Yale University

Yale simulation training school

More validation studies

Read more about studies and scientific papers discussing the benefits of LapSim and simulation training.

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1. Proficiency-based virtual reality training significantly reduces the error rate for residents during their first 10 laparoscopic cholecystectomies. Ahlberg et al Am J Surg. 2007 Jun;193(6):797-804.

2. Effect of virtual reality training on laparoscopic surgery: randomised controlled trial, Larsen Christian R, Soerensen Jette L, Grantcharov Teodor P, Dalsgaard Torur, Schouenborg Lars, Ottosen Christian et al BMJ 2009; 338 :b1802.

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