LAPSIM update 2021

Laparoscopy training just got better

LapSim – a leading virtual reality training simulator – is celebrating its annual update!
New module, improved instrumentation, new instructional videos and much more.

New Colorectal Procedure Module

Colorectal resections are among the most frequently performed surgical procedures worldwide, and represent an important skill set for abdominal surgeons.

  • Our new module now includes the first critical step of a right-side hemicolectomy procedure: the division of the ileocolic vessels.
  • It comes with new active third-hand grasper management, allowing for dissection under tension/counter-tension.

Instrumentation updates and improvements

  • Instrumentation have been reworked with an improved visual appearance, with subtle and more realistic lighting and shading.
  • New Curved Ultrasonic instrument*
  • New 30mm stapler model in Appendectomy Procedure Module.
*Available in the following exercises: Fine Dissection, Division of Ileocolic Vessel, Cholecystectomy Complete, Opening the Cuff TE, Uterine Vessels TE, Kidney Combined, Kidney Dissection

 New instruction videos

  • Hysterectomy: Ligaments & Uterine Vessels.
  • Hysterectomy: Colpotomy.

 Software Improvements

  • New outline  of demo course with better overview
  • The box environment in Task Training has a new design
  • Vessel sealer/divider sound when coagulating now depend on the rate of coagulation in grasped tissue rather than just a fixed time.
  • Plus many more, see Product Sheet for more details…

Download Product Sheet
& Release notes

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