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UK Hospital Trust Investing in EndoSim Simulator

Ralph Austin, consultant colorectal surgeon based at Colchester Hospital, and Dr James Worsfold with the EndoSim – Credit: ESNEFT

A UK hospital trust is investing in our VR simulator, EndoSim, to help clinicians prefect their endocopy skills. “Trainee doctors in Suffolk and north Essex are benefitting from “cutting-edge technology” that allows them to perfect their skills without touching a patient.”

“The EndoSim allows us to take a complete novice and give them they skills they need to start working safely on patients. Before we had this specialist equipment, the first time a trainee touched a scope would be when they were putting it into a patient.

The technology uses metrics which will allow us to measure the student’s progress objectively while also helping them to map their own development until they are at the skill level required.” says Consultant Greg Wynn, lead clinical director of the ICENI Centre and a general and colorectal surgeon.

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