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Societies Release Global Simulation Statement

This article, published in Simulation in Healthcare, discusses the critical role of simulation in addressing healthcare challenges worldwide. It outlines a collaboratively developed consensus statement reflecting the views of 50 societies across 67 countries.  The intended audience for this statement includes policymakers, healthcare organization leaders, health education institutions, and simulation practitioners and the article concludes by highlighting the essential role of simulation in healthcare and education, calling for a unified effort to broadly adopt exemplary simulation practices for the benefit of patients and healthcare workforces globally.

“We at Surgical Science are thrilled about this new global consensus statement on simulation-based practice in healthcare”, says Gilat Noiman, Sr. Director, of market development and strategic partnerships.  “It is definitely time to adopt healthcare simulation in a more formal manner by policy makers and healthcare systems. As a company focused on simulation we have been waiting (and preaching) for this to happen, and look forward to seeing the practical steps to follow these important declarative ones. Standardized implementation of validated simulation training is shown to improve clinicians proficiency, patient outcomes and patient safety. Mandated implementation of best practice simulation would be a big step towards relieving patients from practitioners’ learning curve, which I believe to be an objective shared by anyone involved in healthcare simulation.”

Read the full article here.

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