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Cataract Surgery Simulation Training Wins Prestigious Award

In 2013 Surgical Science, started a partnership with HelpMeSee, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to eliminate cataract blindness through surgical training. Now, the project has won The National Training & Simulation Association (NTSA) Modeling and Simulation award in USA. 

See the press release from HelpMeSee here.

According to the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB), over 60 million people suffer from cataract blindness. Thousands of new cataract surgeons are needed to treat this backlog of patients waiting for surgery. To address this issue, HelpMeSee with its technology partners Surgical Science, InSimo and Harman, built its high-fidelity Eye Surgery Simulator, to train developing world cataract specialists in a procedure called Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery.

An important solution to end cataract blindness is to increase access to skilled but affordable providers. Our innovative simulation-based training is designed to make that happen,

– Bonnie An Henderson, M.D., President and CEO of HelpMeSee

Simulation-based Training

The Eye Surgery Simulator is taking medical training to another level. Surgical Science is proud to be an essential part of the development team. The simulator enhances cataract surgery training by providing an unlimited supply of virtual eyes for practice. This next-generation medical simulator software, with its detailed physical and graphical eye models, can be programmed for an endless set of scenarios. Using simulation in training, students can achieve a higher level of competence, increasing patient safety. The training is not just for novice surgeons, it offers training for practicing surgeons who want to pursue additional training.

“HelpMeSee’s simulator provides realistic tactile feedback and visuals that mimic the experience of performing live surgery. It allows unlimited opportunities to practice without risk to patients.” said Henderson.

Cost and Time Efficient Training

In recognizing HelpMeSee, the citation from NTSA reads in part:
“This method boosts surgical accessibility and affordability by accelerated placement of skilled workforce where they are needed most. The comprehensive training system offers a scalable, risk-free, surgical education model, vastly reducing time and cost to attain objectively measured surgical proficiency. In 2022, they trained 1,529 ophthalmologists in Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery. This sight-restoring procedure takes as little as 5 minutes and costs as little as $25. There are 20 million people who suffer from cataract blindness awaiting treatment from well-trained cataract specialists throughout the world.”

Alexandra Schaeffer, Director Project Management in R&D Software at Surgical Science, and an active member of the HelpMeSee development team shares her excitement about the project and award: “This award is a clear demonstration of what we can accomplish together as a team, and I’m truly grateful to contribute to this remarkable and vital mission of HelpMeSee. I look forward to pushing technical boundaries even further and aspiring to elevate this mission’s success by developing the next level of simulation-based surgical training.”

“As the prevalence of cataract increases worldwide, the demand for cataract surgery will also rise. HelpMeSee is well-positioned to provide the necessary training, so patients, no matter their economic circumstance, have access to high-quality, low-cost treatment.”
– HelpMeSee


See how you can support HelpMeSee here

Customized Simulation

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