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A tour at a surgical technology simulation lab

Discover the hidden gems of the healthcare industry and explore the technology used to train the next generation of medical professionals. Join us on a virtual tour of the Horry Georgetown Technical College Health Science Education Center, where students are given hands-on experience in a state-of-the-art surgical technology simulation lab.

“HGTC Surgical Technology program has incorporated simulation into the new Associates Degree program. In the past we have done several things to improve hand eye coordination.  One exercise included bouncing tennis balls. The problem with those exercises is that they did not have a surgical application that was immediately recognizable and there was no way to adequately measure improvement. Simulation has answered that question of how we can improve hand-eye coordination and link it directly to learning objectives that are required for each student. 

Also, when reviewing the 7th Core Curriculum that ARCSTSA has published, it clearly defines objectives related to mock surgery to include “anticipation” and “providing camera assistance”. Providing skills preparation in these areas has always been difficult and a subject that was heavily reliant on the clinical experience of training. The clinical component still could not provide any measurable evidence of skill competency.

Now, with simulation, we can clearly show where students are meeting these requirements and are able to measure improvement. Our students are much better equipped to step right into roles that in the past took much longer to master.  It is really an exciting time to be a surgical technology student.”  

Surgical Technology Program Director

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