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Pediatric Advanced Echo

This module is used on the Ultrasound Mentor’s pediatric manikin.

It offers scaled learning and practicing of a thorough, comprehensive pediatric trans-thoracic echocardiography (TTE) evaluation.

The clinical cases present realistic scenarios with increasing diagnostic complexity, providing a comprehensive learning experience.

The module guides learners through the full cardiac protocol, from acquiring standard views to performing advanced measurements to diagnose congenital heart diseases and assess cardiovascular anomalies. This is followed by the generation of a clinical findings report. Learners can utilize various diagnostic tools, including spectral Doppler modes like continuous wave (CW) and pulsed wave (PW), advanced measurements, and generating clinical findings reports.

This module was developed  in compliance with American Society of Echocardiography (ASE), 2013 guidelines.


  • To learn and gain confidence in demonstrating pediatric TTE standard and advanced views acquired from the parasternal, apical, subxiphoid and suprasternal positions
  • To be able to recognize structural and functional cardiac abnormalities
  • To analyze the echocardiographic data both qualitatively and quantitatively, using 2D images, M-Mode, color Doppler and spectral Doppler modes
  • To accurately perform various measurements such as distance, area, velocities and VTI
  • To demonstrate competency in the systematic performance of pediatric TTE protocol: scanning, measuring, documenting, and reporting

Key Features

  • Step-by-step guidance: Follow common scanning pediatric TTE protocols with ease
  • Educational aids: Understand cardiac anatomy imaging and probe positioning effortlessly
  • Customizable cases: Adjust case severity and anatomical variations
  • Analytics: Analyze the echocardiographic data both qualitatively and quantitatively, using M-mode, PW, CW, color/spectral doppler and get automatic calculations
  • 3D Ultrasound: Obtain a 3D cardiac image for better structural understanding


Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Radiology, Sonography,  Cardiology, , Anesthesiology, Family Medicine, Anesthesiology

Pediatric Advanced Echo - Case 1 Educational Tasks
Pediatric Advanced Echo - M-Mode M-mode Measurements
Severe Coarctation of the aorta Severe Coarctation of The Aortia

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