Putting Vision into Practice.

For more than 15 years, Surgical Science has pioneered the development of state-of-the-art virtual reality laparoscopic medical training simulators. Now we use all the knowledge we have acquired into EndoSim and endoscopic training with focus on usability, applicability in clinical education, and continued technological and instructional advancements.

Surgical Science’s mission is to develop and deliver innovative medical simulation training products with unequaled graphics, usability and skills transference from VR to the OR in an effort to improve performance through practice.

Haptic System

Using advanced modeling technology, lifelike anatomic detail and realistic touch feedback, physicians can now experience diverse complications and scenarios while building confidence and proficiency. EndoSim® , a cutting edge flexible endoscopy simulator from Surgical Science, delivers medical simulation training with unequaled graphics, usability and haptics (tactile feedback).




Fundamental Skills

The EndoSim® Fundamental Skills module offers a comprehensive portfolio of endoscopic exercises that range from functions of the scope handle and tube, to loop reduction. Each exercise is customizable to provide complications and ongoing challenges.

Procedure Modules

The EndoSim® suite of customizable procedure modules provides training solution for medical professionals across multiple disciplines. With clearly defined learning objectives, procedural deconstruction capabilities, variations, and challenges, EndoSim® library of software modules provides skill practice essential to building medical proficiency.

Video Simulations

At Surgical Science, we believe the video debriefing of an exercise or procedure is of most importance for the learning experience. To have your complete exercise recorded, means that you can go back to look at your best or worst moments, and to be able to rewind and learn form that sequence. Here we have handpicked a few videos from our different exercises and procedures.


Support Services

With EndoSim®, you’re getting the best technology possible, plus the industry’s only true partnership. From day one through the life of the simulator, our simulation specialists will assist in everything from set up to curriculum customization to research.



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