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Airway Management Module

Learning Objectives:

  • Perform tracheal intubation using actual tools with precision and accuracy
  • Select appropriate tools and techniques for intubation
  • Adapt intubation techniques and strategies based on the specific challenges presented in each scenario
  • Identify and address common complications or errors
  • Navigate through multiple hospital scenarios with varying degrees of intubation difficulty, adjusting techniques as necessary
  • Successfully manage pre-hospital scenarios, adapting to different levels of intubation complexity and environmental challenges
  • Develop sound clinical judgment by making critical decisions
  • Collaborate with other healthcare professionals during intubation scenarios, ensuring clear communication and coordination


Emergency, anesthesiology, first responders, critical care, internal medicine


VR_Intubation_4 Ambu - Vitual and Mannequin
7 Ambu - Virtual View
8 Laryngoscope - Virtual View
6 Sthetoscope - Virtual View
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