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Robotic Basic Skills Module

This module provides a basic level practice of robotic skills in a non-anatomic setting. The tasks are organized in an incremental fashion, allowing the trainee to gain further skills with each task: basic hand-eye coordination, depth perception, bi-manual manipulation, clutching, camera, wrist articulation, 4th arm control, and use of energy source.

The module can be part of a basic or a more advanced complete training curriculum, enabling self-practice and optimizing proctor time. The tasks can be practiced repetitively until reaching the desired proficiency level, and a comprehensive performance report is provided at the end of each task indicating time & economy and task specific metrics.

Robotic Basic Skills Clutch
RobotiX exercise camera Camera 1
RobotiX Mentor simulation, wrist training exercise Wrist Articulation
RobotiX Mentor simulator training: 4th arm control 4th Arm Control
RobotiX Mentor simulator exercise: two-handed maneuvers Two-Handed Maneuvers
RobotiX simulator exercise Use of Energy Source
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