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Mastering the Standard Skills

This module enables the trainee to acquire basic-level skills required in building confidence and ease in robotic surgery techniques. Exercises are based on physical box trainer tasks within the Robotic Training Network (RTN) and within the Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery Program (FLS) developed by SAGES. A non-anatomical setting provides a relaxed environment outside of the operating room, aimed at improving basic hand-eye coordination, bi-manual manipulation, wrist articulation, camera, clutching, depth perception, and atraumatic handling.

Optimal team training is made possible by connecting the LAP Mentor Express to the RobotiX Mentor. This allows the surgical assistant to practice the skills together with the robotic surgeon in the same training environment.

RobotiX Mentor simulator exercise: tower transfer Tower Transfer
RobotiX Mentor simulator exercise: roller-coaster Roller Coaster
RobotiX Mentor simulator exercise: peg transfer Peg Transfer - Team Training

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