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This module teaches proper pelvic examination techniques to prepare trainees and build their confidence before the treatment of actual patients.

Features and Benefits:

  • Provides an immediate feedback regarding the accuracy of the examination
  • Realistic pelvic model
  • Delivered with a set of several interchangeable anatomies that represent different exam types
  • Increases confidence levels among trainees
  • Increases patient satisfaction due to improved exam technique

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the different parts relevant for pelvic exam by palpation
  • Recognize the different type of exams


Nurses, Nurse Practitioners (NP), Doctors of Nursing Practice (DNP), OB/GYN Physicians, Sexual Abuse Nurse Educators (SANE), Sexual Assault Medical Forensic Examiners (SAMFE)


Pelvic Exam - Mannequin and Interchangeable Anatomies Pelvic Exam Manikin and Interchangeable Anatomies
Normal_uterus Interchangeable Anatomies - Normal Uterus
Interchangeable Anatomies - Ectopic Pregnancy Interchangeable Anatomies - Ectopic Pregnancy

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