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Distal Gastrectomy Module

Comprehensive and Interactive Training

The Distal Gastrectomy module provides a safe environment to practice key steps of the procedure. With the module’s first case, trainees can learn to identify anatomy and walk-through initial incisions along the omentum and mesentery.

The didactic content is comprehensive and interactive, and includes an anatomical 3D map, real-life videos, and detailed performance reports. This module prepares trainees for potential complications such as bleeding and organ damage.

Learning Objectives:

  • To identify significant anatomical landmarks
  • To safely dissect the omentum/gastrocolic ligament
  • To dissect the mesentery to be completely separated from the stomach
A gasttrectomy exercise on Simbionix laparoscopy simulator Anatomy Identification
A gastrectomy exercise on a Simbionix laparoscopy simulator Omentum Dissection
A gastrectomy exercise on a Simbionix laparoscopy simulator Avascular Region Opening

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