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Report from the Extraordinary General Meeting of Surgical Science Sweden AB (publ)

At the extraordinary general meeting in Surgical Science Sweden AB (publ), held on 16 August 2021, the following resolution was passed.

The extraordinary general meeting resolved, in accordance with the proposal by the board of directors, to approve the board of directors’ resolution on a new share issue of 12,857,000 shares. The subscription price amounts to SEK 0.05 per share, corresponding to the quota value of the shares. The right to subscribe for the new shares shall, with deviation from the shareholder’s pre-emption rights, only be granted to Pareto Securities AB acting as settlement bank in the issue and which subscribes for shares on behalf of a number of institutional investors. The rationale for deviating from the shareholders’ pre-emptive rights is to enable a capital raise in a time- and cost-efficient manner for the financing of the company’s acquisition of Simbionix USA Corp.

Approximately 79.2 per cent of the votes were represented at the extraordinary general meeting.

Gothenburg, Sweden, August 16, 2021
Surgical Science Sweden AB (publ)
The Board

The press release is available in the attachment or via

This is a translation of the Swedish version of the press release. When in doubt, the Swedish wording prevails.

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