As elective surgeries begin to reopen, it’s time to remind your residents and surgeons how important ‘warming up’ can be for patient safety.

This study, Warm-up in a VR Environment Improves Performance in the Operating Room [1], shows how warming up on VR simulators can have significant beneficial impacts in the OR, with the potential to:

  • Improve procedural outcomes
  • Increase patient safety
  • Make better use of OR resources

The warm up  can be short and easy to perform, perfect to fit into a busy day, in a busy surgical department.

So why not get your residents and surgeons back up to speed by virtual training on a LapSim simulator the most proven simulator on the market.

Dr. Ahlberg et al [2] successfully integrated laparoscopic VR simulation training and reduced resident errors in the OR by 40%.

Read the studies and see how LapSim simulation training can help your residents and surgeons.



[1] -Warm-up in a Virtual Reality Environment Improves Performance in the Operating Room. (Dan Calatayud, MD, Sonal Arora, MBBS,† Rajesh Aggarwal, PhD,† Irina Kruglikova, MD,Svend Schulze, DSc, Peter Funch-Jensen, DSc,‡ and Teodor Grantcharov, PhD§)

[2] – Proficiency-based virtual reality training significantly reduces the error rate for residents during their first 10 laparoscopic cholecystectomies, (Ahlberg, Gunnar et al) American journal of surgery

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