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The Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) module was developed to help train surgeons on the procedural steps and pathologies relevant to SCS procedures.

Features and Benefits:

  • Realistic needle with a virtual stylet
  • A 3D anatomical map assists in learning the anatomy to position the needle accurately
  • Radiographic imaging and C-arm control helps to confirm the needle position

Learning Objectives:

  • To practice a complete SCS procedure
  • To practice accessing the epidural space through the vertebrae
  • To learn how to control the C-arm
  • To learn how to select the appropriate puncture site
  • To practice steering the lead and stylets to the correct position
  • To practice inserting up to 4 percutaneous leads


Pain Medicine, Anesthesiology, Neuromodulation

SCS-3D Anatomical Map 3D Anatomical Map
SCS - Needle Orientation Needle Insertion
SCS - Lead Positioning Error Lead Positioning Error
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