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Train on Hysterectomy Key Skills:  Step-By-Step

This unique module provides a virtual reality environment for task-based practice of key components in the robotic hysterectomy procedure. Each task focuses on one critical step of the procedure for optimal modular training: ureter Identification and dissection, bladder flap development and colpotomy incisions.

This module is based on the Fundamentals of Robotic Gynecologic Surgery (FRGS) curriculum. The psychomotor skills curriculum was developed by subject matter experts from gynecologic societies and surgical educators who agreed upon the critical skills, tasks, and most common errors to be included in this comprehensive basic gynecologic curriculum.

Robotix Mentor Simulator, training on Hysterectomy procedural tasks, ureter identification Ureter Identification
RobotiX Mentor Simulator training: hysterectomy, bladder mobilization Bladder Mobilization
Robotix Mentor simulator training: Hysterectomy, colpotomy Colpotomy

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