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This module enables training in identifying and solving emergency and ICU situations requiring bronchoscopic intervention in a comprehensive simulated clinical environment. The trainee can utilize tools such as grasping forceps, balloons and electrocautery probes.  The module offers practitioners the opportunity to encounter critical and stressful situations in which they can perform, or even err, without consequences such as pneumothorax, bleeding, hypoxemia, hypotension, arrhythmia, or cardiac arrest which may occur.

Learning Objectives:

  • To practice the complete workflow of inspection, diagnosis and treatment of various pulmonary scenarios including endobronchial bleeding, aspirated foreign bodies and therapeutic aspiration (bronchoscopic pulmonary toilet).
  • To assess the clinical scenario and apply therapeutic methods accordingly
  • To practice foreign body removal using a selection of tools
  • To safely and efficiently solve endobronchial bleeding situations using a variety of tools
  • To practice therapeutic aspiration procedures using a selection of scopes and methods
  • To maintain the virtual patient’s condition, avoiding respiratory or hemodynamic deterioration while applying therapeutic measures
  • To gain experience in all aspects of endobronchial bleeding, foreign body retrieval and therapeutic aspiration cases prior to performing on real patients


Interventional Pulmonology, Pulmonary Medicine, Thoracic Surgery, Critical Care

Module Introduction
Endobronchial Bleeding Endobronchial Bleeding
Bleeding Treatment Options Bleeding Treatment Options
Foreign Body Cases Foreign Body Cases

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