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Help your residents, fellows and HCPs develop a range of critical competencies and prepare for the actual clinical settings using realistic procedure training. During SESAM you can experience our clinical proficiency-based training simulators.


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Scenario-based team training enhanced with Diagnostic and Interventional VR Simulators

Thursday 15 June, 15:45 – 17:15
Location: Pavilion 3, Room 3C

A fun and interactive workshop, where several team training scenarios of patients admitted to the ER will be carried out by small groups of participants.

Each virtual patient workflow will include apart from the common team training methods, VR simulators for advanced diagnosis and treatment, including diagnostic ultrasound and ultrasound guided interventions. A patient scenario will be completed with a debrief session, integrating both oral feedback and simulators’ captured metrics.

The goal is to encourage training center personnel to run such enhanced team training sessions in their own centers.

FacilitatorsTali Capua MD, Gilat Noiman


Learning objectives:

  • Participate in an interactive simulation experience like no other, then enhance your local training practice with this newly presented format
  • Learn how to incorporate VR simulators to any type of team simulation scenario from beginner teams to advanced teams.
  • Learn how to compile a ‘Continuous Virtual Patient’ for team training, using several VR simulator stations
  • Learn how to use key debriefing tools to emphasize surgical simulator training points within the team scenario
  • Learn how to integrate MentorLearn captured metrics, shared by all of Surgical Science simulators, in team training debrief sessions

Our simulators

Learn about our news and come by our stand at SESAM to try them yourself.

URO Mentor

TURP Module

This module includes hands-on training on clinical cases of transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) procedure. The cases present realistic scenarios of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) with small to large side lobes and median lobes and varying degrees of bleeding.

Accompanied by comprehensive educational aids, trainees can practice hands-on resection, visualization of anatomical landmarks, management of irrigation fluid and control of bleeding.

PERC Mentor Suite

Brachial Plexus Nerve Blocks Module

This module includes procedural tasks and clinical cases for the training of ultrasound-guided upper extremity nerve block. Trainees will be able to practice 3 different techniques – Interscalene, supraclavicular and infraclavicular.

The procedural tasks include step-by-step guided scenarios of the different approaches with various anatomies, needle positioning, diameter and depth. The simulated steps include ultrasound evaluation, ultrasound-guided needle insertion and verification.

The clinical cases will include free training scenarios such as shoulder surgery, acute brachial ischemia, elbow fracture with pain management in the recovery room and more.




New Pre-Hospital Scenarios

The ultimate mix of manikin and VR simulation. Get your trainees ready to respond to a wide range of emergency trauma situations. Instantly switch the training environment or patient’s anatomy and pathology to allow limitless hands-on training

Surgical Science’s new TraumaVR simulator combines a manikin and instruments with immersive VR simulation. This provides trainees with an unprecedented training opportunity of psychomotor (motor skills), cognitive knowledge and skill acquisition in airway management. With the most realistic virtual reality environment, it embeds trainees in the stressful situation, unlike any other simulator.

Who can benefit?

The TraumaVR simulator is perfect for training emergency physicians, first responders, critical care physicians, and anesthesiologists.

LAP Mentor

Distal Gastrectomy Module

The Distal Gastrectomy module provides a safe environment to practice key steps of the procedure. With the module’s first case, trainees can learn to identify anatomy and walk-through initial incisions along the omentum and mesentery. The module prepares trainees for potential complications such as bleeding and organ damage.

The trainee starts with identifying significant anatomical structures and landmarks to ensure the procedure’s effectiveness, proceeds to safely dissect the omentum/gastrocolic ligament in a region that lacks vascularization, following a specific direction. Subsequently, the mesentery should be dissected to achieve complete separation of the stomach, which is a crucial initial step before undertaking the upcoming gastrectomy.


Veterinary Offering – Canine Laparoscopic Ovariectomy Module

The training module was developed on initiative by The Greater Stockholm Veterinary Care Foundation, Sweden. Associate professor, consulted by DVM Odd Höglund.

Identify, elevate and mobilize uterine horn, while avoiding damage to spleen, intestines, and vessels, to resect ovary.

RobotiX Mentor

The RobotiX Mentor provides surgeons of all expertise levels with an opportunity to effectively practice the motor and cognitive skills required to perform robotic surgery

Robotic basic tasks modules allow the user to familiarize with and master the fundamental aspects of robotic skills, while clinical procedure simulation modules let surgeons immerse into partial or entire robotic virtual procedures.

Built in close collaboration with the medical community, this cross-specialty simulation platform is prepared to be incorporated into your robotic surgery curriculum. Our powerful learning management system MentorLearn makes it easy to tailor courses and benchmarks to your needs, and to monitor users’ progress.

Ultrasound Mentor

Simbionix Ultrasound Mentor is the answer to the growing need for ultrasound training among multiple medical specialties. This modular simulation platform enables easy manikin rotation (male, female, pediatric and interventional), and offers diverse applications for more than 15 specialties such as  OB/GYN, Point-of-care Ultrasound (POCUS) and Echocardiography.

Ultrasound Mentor accelerates the development of basic to advanced technical and cognitive skills, by providing a didactic environment enabling structured, self-guided learning including step-by-step instructions and educational aids such as 3D anatomical map and probe positioning assistant and monitors trainee’s progress towards proficiency with a complete and meaningful performance assessment.

Ultrasound Mentor features true-to-life, complex ultrasound imaging with advanced diagnostic tools and unique features for ultimate training. It is the only virtual reality simulator that enables practicing ultrasound-guided interventions.

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If you are not attending and would like to discuss your specific training needs, please feel free to reach out to us anytime!

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