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White Paper: From Manikins to Virtual Reality – Understanding the Range of Medical Simulators

Simulation is an essential part of medical training. But simulation tools have evolved considerably over time, with the most basic anatomical models replaced by state-of-the-art simulators that use data science and virtual reality to create computer-generated environments that fully immerse trainees in the learning process.

Our free white paper looks at the various simulation devices that are available to help teach the next generation of medical professionals. We look at the features, benefits, and things to consider across a range of simulation tools, including:

  • Manikins – Hyper-realistic anatomical models that respond to common treatments such as CPR and adrenaline injections
  • Task Trainers – Specialized simulators designed to help trainees learn a specific skill
  • Virtual Reality – Fully immersive simulators that combine graphics, optics and haptics to closely replicate the ‘real world’ surgical environment

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