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Ultrasound Mentor for POCUS

Why Choose Ultrasound Mentor for your Training Needs?

Surgical Science’s Ultrasound Mentor is a virtual reality training simulator that provides a safe work environment for a variety of diagnostic and interventional ultrasound procedures.

  1. One modular platform for all your POCUS training needs with easily interchanged manikins (Male, Female, Pediatric and Interventional Ultrasound)
  2. Ready-to-use curricula
  3. Graduated training – from Basic Skills to Ultrasound-guided Interventions.
  4. Educational environment including 3D anatomical map, view and probe positioning guidance.
  5. Step-by-step tasks provide a self-learning opportunity to practice recommended scanning protocols.
  6. Performance metrics and proficiency benchmarks enable monitoring trainee progress.
  7. Limitless case creation based on a real scans.

Our POCUS Simulation Offering

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