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A Validated Curriculum for Residents in Gynecology

The LapSim Certification Program™ for Gynecology is currently in use at local, regional, and national levels around the world to establish a minimum proficiency level, in terms of hand-eye coordination, depth perception, spatial awareness, and instrumentation before surgeons treat their first patients. Only the Surgical Science simulator comes complete with a validated curriculum for gynecology surgery.

The British Medical Journal published a study in which Dr. Larsen concluded: Residents who train on Surgical Science’s simulator and follow a pre-defined curriculum demonstrate a proficiency level equivalent to surgeons who have performed 20 – 50 patient procedures.

Training in proficiency based skills should be incorporated in a comprehensive surgical training and assessment curriculum for all residents.

Christian Larsen, MD, Ph.D.

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  • What type of training the program contains
  • What exercises are included in the Expert Training
  • Why and how the Salpingectomy procedure is included in the training
  • What the Larsen Exam is and what it contains
  • The results of Dr. Larsen’s study
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