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What Do Healthcare Professionals Say About Our Simulators?

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Professor Sanja Kupesic Plavsic

"Working with the Ultrasound Mentor helps shorten our students' learning curve, both in terms of their scanning capabilities and improved clinical reasoning. Learning new scanning protocols in a scaled, self-directed manner is also quite useful, especially when considering the patient discomfort, intimate nature of endovaginal sonography and limited faculty spare time.”

Professor Sanja Kupesic Plavsic L. Foster School of Medicine Texas Tech University
Dr. Jyothy Puthumana

“We have used the Ultrasound Mentor extensively, and I recommend it very strongly to train fellows in cardiology and cardiac anesthesiology to improve their TEE skills and practice performing comprehensive TEE procedures. The training modules allow for incremental levels of comfort and expertise in being able to acquire the optimal images for accurate diagnosis. This simulator can also be used during CME courses under the guidance of an expert, to assess skill levels and suggest interventions to improve the quality and timeliness of performing comprehensive examinations.”

Dr. Jyothy Puthumana Feinberg School of Medicine
Terry C Harper, MD

“The simulator has allowed our residents, fellows and sonographer students to systematically review fetal anatomy. The fetal movement during the exam replicates real life scanning in a way that dramatically enhances the experience. The feedback given by the simulator helps learners to optimize their images before adding in the complexities of live patients, different body habitudes and time limitations of the clinical setting!”

Terry C Harper, MD University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
Dr. Edmund Hsu

“The Surgical Science Transesophageal Echocardiography (TEE) Express simulator has proven invaluable in enhancing emergency physicians' skills by providing an easily set-up platform for repeated practice of high-acuity, low-occurrence TEE procedures. The simulator's convenience fosters efficient and realistic practice sessions, allowing physicians to develop a high level of mastery. This repeated exposure builds confidence and competence, particularly crucial in emergency medicine, where quick and precise decision-making is essential. The TEE Express simulator's realistic simulations contribute to muscle memory and procedural precision, ensuring that physicians are well-prepared to handle critical cardiac situations with confidence and competence in real-world scenarios.”

Dr. Edmund Hsu Director of Ultrasound in Medical Education at University of California, Irvine
Bill Boyer, MD

“The Ultrasound Mentor Platform has been an invaluable learning resource and tool for our medical and physician assistant students, residents, and faculty. Our learners are more fully engaged and immersed in the hands-on approach and realistic environment that the platform provides. It has become an integral part of our ultrasound curriculum. Further, the customer service and support is exceptional.”

Bill Boyer, MD Associate Dean – Graduate Medical Education & Faculty Development at the Florida State University College of Medicine
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