– True metrics and haptics in laparoscopic box training

Box trainers are used simultaneously alongside virtual reality simulation for a versatile training experience and for trainees to prepare for their first real patient. With Simball® Box the trainee can train with real instruments and receive valuable performance tracking feedback essential for structured learning.

To reduce novice mistakes, it is of outmost importance to manage fundamental laparoscopic skills. To learn safe and efficient techniques, Simball® Box offers instant feedback on velocity with tutorial task videos showing a preferred approach. Metrics are collected and visualized in easy-to-understand diagrams, it has never been easier to follow your progress and benchmark your performance related to expert levels.

More than a box trainer

With Simball® Box you get effective surgical box training and certification. Use your own real instruments and have your training performance quantified.

During suturing the benefits of using your preferred needle and thread are significant, both for training but also as warm-up and practice before stepping into the operating room.

The metrics measure your economy of movement, with focus on distance and angular path of the instrument.

World class suturing

Simball® Box is robust and user friendly, with world class plastic models for suturing and grasper training with sense of true haptics. Real-time direct visual feedback on your instrument velocity improves the pedagogic effects.

Tailor-made training models in endurant plastic enables real tissue sense in suturing and grasper training. Changing of the instruments is made easy, just insert and fix your instruments in the instrument holder and you are ready start your exercises.

Available exercises for Simball® Box

Basic Skills Tasks

  • Rope Race
  • Peg Picker
  • Precision Cutting

Suturing Tasks

  • Basal Suturing
  • Gastric Bypass, GE and EA
  • Vaginal Cuff Closure

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