Robotic Surgery Simulators

Build and develop robotic surgery skills with our family of  robot training simulators.

Prepare more confident robotic surgeons

Robotic surgery has grown massively over the last 10 years and Surgical Science is one of the leading providers of simulation training for the operation of surgical robots.


Our robotic surgery simulators – widely recognized in surgical  simulation and training – helps teach novices, experienced surgeons, and supporting OR staff in the fundamental and advanced skills of robot surgery.


We have 2 simulators  –

 – FlexVR – a portable and flexible robot trainer
 – RobotiX Mentor – the complete training program for robotic surgeons.

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Personal, Portable, Storable

The FlexVR is our most flexible training platform and is designed to teach basic and advanced skills of robotic surgery to a wider audience, from medical students to experienced surgeons.

RobotiX Mentor™
Complete robotic training

RobotiX Mentor is the only VR training simulator to provide a comprehensive curriculum including complete robotic clinical procedures with true-to-life graphics and tissue behavior.

Watch our interview with Jeff Berkley, Chief Innovation Officer, Surgical Science

Jeff talks about the future of robotic surgery and Mimic Technologies

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