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LapSim ST Platforms

LapSim ST Full System

The simulator uses our own patented tracking devices, and powerful graphics, for an immersive training experience:

  • Non-haptic, proprietary input devices
  • 2 instrument handles
  • 1 camera (0-30-45°)
  • 27″ touch-screen
  • Height-adjustable cart
  • Customized computer
  • Lockable caster wheels
  • 1 set of pedals

LapSim ST Express

When mobility is important. A portable, lighter version without cart:

  • Easy to transport and set up for career fairs and distance learning
  • Table clamps for quick mounting
  • Runs with gaming laptop
  • Packs in a Peli® case
100-7622-Hyst-blue-MED LapSim ST
DSF0639 copy LapSim ST Express
Portable LapSim ST LapSim ST Express on the go

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