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Surgical Science provides validated solutions for all your surgical training and assessment needs.
Stop by booth #402 to check out our simulators.

Our medical training simulators

Surgical Science’ medical simulators offer clinicians the most realistic hands-on experience in medical training using surgical simulators to perform Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) and interventional procedures, at no patient risk.

We are excited to meet you in our booth #402!

ENDO Mentor Suite

The NEW Gold Standard ​for Training in: GI Endoscopy, ​Flexible Bronchoscopy ​and Endourology.  The ENDO Mentor Suite unifies three widely recognized Simbionix simulators into one powerful solution that is setting a new bar for endoscopy training. 

The GI Mentor, BRONCH Mentor and the URO Mentor provide comprehensive virtual environments, as close to a real patient as possible. Combining self-directed learning, proctored training and proficiency-based training and assessment, the ENDO Mentor Suite simulation platform provides an unmatched educational value. 

This multi-specialty platform is ergonomic, space-saving and uses real endoscopes.  It enables both team and individual training thus making it ideal for educational programs and training centers.

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Experience the Possibilities of Endoscopy Training with Endo Mentor Suite – Watch the Video Now

Explore the Advancements in Laparoscopic Training with LAP Mentor – Watch the Demo Now


The state-of-the-art LAP Mentor simulator provides the widest array of hands-on laparoscopic training available across multiple disciplines. Developed with surgical opinion leaders, medical societies and educators in order to develop products with meaningful training impact.

An ever expanding library of modules provides a structured curriculum with different difficulty levels for basic laparoscopic tasks and skills alongside basic and advanced complete procedure training.

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New release – Distal Gastrectomy Module for the LAP Mentor

Simplified Explanation of Distal Gastrectomy

In the distal gastrectomy procedure a part of the stomach is removed, often the lower section and adjacent lymph nodes, to treat conditions such as stomach cancer, peptic ulcer disease, or gastric polyps. After removal, the remaining stomach is reconnected to the small intestine, allowing food to continue through the digestive system. The duration of the procedure varies depending on the patient’s condition and the extent of the surgery.

The Distal Gastrectomy simulation module trains surgeons to perform the complex procedure. Multiple cases cover various aspects, starting with guidance on identifying anatomy and making incisions, while addressing complications such as bleeding or organ damage.

Module Overview

The Distal Gastrectomy simulation module is designed to provide a comprehensive training experience for surgeons who are learning how to perform this complex surgical procedure. The module is divided into several cases, each of which focuses on a different aspect of the distal gastrectomy procedure.

The first case of the module includes guidance, aiming to help the user to recognize the anatomical scene and walk through the initial incisions along the omentum and mesentery. Trainees may learn how to prevent and manage potential complications such as bleeding from various vessels and damage to nearby organs.

Key Features

  1. Identification of essential anatomical structures, as well as the tumor and metastasis.
  2. Guided case with anatomy markings for precise omentum and mesentery dissections.
  3. Streamline complex procedures with our user-friendly case division.
  4. Experience realistic surgery with highly detailed graphics.
  5. The module is compatible with the new Camera PRO and all its features.

Robotix Mentor

The only VR training simulator to provide a comprehensive curriculum including complete robotic clinical procedures with true-to-life graphics and tissue behavior. This simulator provides surgeons of all expertise levels across diverse medical specialties with an opportunity to efficiently and effectively practice the skills required to perform robotic surgery.

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Discover the Cutting-Edge of Robotic Surgery Training with RobotiX Mentor – Watch the Demo Now


Our most flexible robotic training simulator, designed to teach basic and advanced skills of robotic surgery to a wider audience. Quickly learn the fundamentals of robotic surgery, such as wristed instrument manipulation, camera control, clutching, energy control, needle driving, and suturing.

With increasing demands for training space, the FlexVR can be easily moved, set-up, taken down, and stored – allowing for the efficient use of training spaces.

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