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Mimic Technologies

Mimic Technologies Is Now a Part of Surgical Science

February 1st 2021

Surgical Science just got bigger! By joining forces with Mimic Technologies, we further expand our foothold within the robotic surgery segment and will be able to create even more groundbreaking simulation solutions together! Throughout the years, we have been impressed with the tech and passion at Mimic, and now finally we are family!

While we are excited to team up as friends and colleagues, we are especially enthusiastic about the new synergies that are now possible. We will now combine our joint expertise in advanced physics, tissue modeling, haptic feedback, procedural simulation and data analytics to create revolutionary products that will significantly impact surgical efficiency and patient safety.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for Surgical Science and Mimic, as well as for all of our customers and collaborators. Together we strengthen our capacity as the surgery simulation partner of choice for Medical Device companies heading into the age of digital surgery. I look forward to the exciting times ahead and working with all these dedicated and ambitious people. A big thank you to everyone involved!” says CEO Gisli Hennermark, Surgical Science.

Jeff Berkley, CEO and Founder of Mimic, says: “I could not be more excited about everything Mimic and Surgical Science will accomplish together as one family! Our technologies and culture complement each other very well. I see immediate benefits for all of our customers who will now have access to a much broader product and IP portfolio. Great fun ahead!”

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