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How To Use Simulation in Training

How You Can Use Simulation in Training

Simulation training is a powerful tool that can be used by MedTech companies to improve the skills of their employees, as well as HCPs who uses their devices or consoles.

By adding our simulation technology to your devices or robot console the training is executed by performing procedures or core skills with your handles. This allows employees and HCPs to practice and develop their skills in a safe and controlled environment.

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Hands-on practice: Simulation allows HCPs to practice procedures and techniques in a safe and controlled environment. This can include both basic and advanced procedures, as well as procedures that are high-risk or have a steep learning curve.

Scenario based training: Simulation can be used to create realistic scenarios that healthcare professionals can practice and respond to, such as different pathologies.

Technical skills training: Simulation can be used to train HCPs on the use of specific medical devices, robot consoles, technologies, and equipment. This can include training on how to use imaging equipment, diagnostic tools, and surgical instruments.

Team training: Simulation can be used to train healthcare teams, such as surgical teams, on how to work together effectively. This can include training on communication, coordination, and teamwork.

Pre- and post-training assessment: Simulation can be used to assess HCPs knowledge and skills before and after training.

Remote training: Simulation can also be used for remote training of HCPs, where you can add our simulation technology to portable platforms, which can be more easily accessed by staff and HCPs globally.

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