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Enhanced product knowledge

Make Your Sales Conversations More Interesting

By implement your original instruments into our simulation technology, you can provide your staff with hands-on, realistic experiences that help them better understand and communicate the benefits of your products.

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Increase Customer Satisfaction

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When your sales staff experience your products in a simulated environment, they will be able to provide more accurate and helpful information to potential customers.

This can help them develop the confidence and expertise they need to close sales and achieve their targets.

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Reduce Training Costs

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Medical simulation training can be a cost-effective way to provide sales staff with profiency-based training. It eliminates the need for real equipment and can be done in a more flexible manner, reducing the need for expensive travel and traditional training methods such as cadaver or animal lab training.

Customized solutions
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Build Courses, See Proficiency

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With MentorLearn you can:

  • Collect and see usage data: make data-driven decisions
  • Build courses, see proficiency remotely: create your training classes, and assign courses
  • Design your curricula: pick from a pre-set library and customize to your specific training needs
  • Prepare for online learning: share videos and reading materials to participants before-hand
  • Objective debriefing: document participant progress with comprehensive objective metrics
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