Robotic Surgery Simulation

Build and develop robotic surgery skills with bespoke VR robotic surgery simulation training.

Surgical Science is one of the leading providers of high-end robotic surgery simulation for robotic surgery training.

Many companies use our robotic surgery simulation in their training today

  • We create a virtual environment where surgeons can develop their motor and cognitive skills so they can confidently perform with a surgical robot without training on patients.

  • We can implement bespoke robotic surgery simulation software into your robot platforms and have extensive experience with hardware integration.

  • We can include robotic surgery training and task exercises, a library of procedures and programmes, so surgeons can hone their fundamental and advanced robotic surgical skills.

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Advanced robotic surgery simulation

  • We combine our technologies with the software and hardware of SimbionixMimic Technologies and SenseGraphics to create advanced VR robotic surgical simulation specifically designed for robotic surgery training.

  • We use customizable metrics and performance feedback to improve robotic surgical skills, learning and development.

  • We have a standardized data-driven approach to robotic surgical training, so surgeons can learn at their own pace, reducing demands on supervision and robotic training time.

  • Our robotic surgery simulation training can help you prepare confident surgeons with the best robotic surgical skills.


Robot assisted surgery

Mimic and Simbionix simulators

  • Our widely recognized family of surgical robotic simulators, the RobotiX Mentor and FlexVR™

  • Help teach novices, experienced surgeons, and supporting OR staff in the fundamental and advanced skills of robot surgery. 

Watch an interview with Jeff Berkley, Chief Innovation Officer, Surgical Science, NA

Jeff talks about the future of robotic surgery simulation, robotic surery training and how you can improve your robotic surgery skills

Interview with Todd Larson, Director of Simulation at AdventHealth University

Todd talks about trends, strengths and weakness in robotic surgery training and robotic surgery simulation.


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