The International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) is the world’s largest conference dedicated to healthcare simulation learning, research and scholarship and is held in Orlando, Florida between January 21st-25th. We will be there and set up a SIM center so you can experience our full simulator line, including new simulators and content, delivering deliberate training to even more medical specialties. 

In addition to the SIM center, we will host a seminar for IMSH Learning Lab on the topic Proficiency-Based Training – Newly Available Tools, with our presenter Gilat Noiman. In this lab we will review a proficiency-based approach to hands-on training and assessment, addressing various virtual simulators all sharing a single training management system. Standardized self-directed training, individually paced mastery learning, objective assessment with set or customized proficiency benchmarks – can all contribute to the meaningful utilization of simulators, optimizing the learning curve towards demonstrated proficiency, confidence, and eventually – improved patient results.

Learn more about our news and see the simulators you can test during IMSH here. 

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