LapSim® 2018 Annual Update

  • Wireloop, a new LapSim® Basic Skills exercise
  • Surgical Science down-loader feature, CloudApp
  • New validated LapSim® VATS lobectomy course
  • Graphic update to give a modern and more anatomically correct feel

Wireloop, a completely new LapSim® Basic Skills training exercise

  • Inspired by precision tasks for robot surgery training
  • Transfer a ring through a swirly wire maze
  • Using delicate movements and both your hands
  • No overstretching of the ring
  • Wireloop is available in the LapSim® Basic Skills Task Training set

Surgical Science down-loader feature, CloudApp 

If your LapSim® is connected to the Internet, it will, when turned on, automatically go online, search for any updates. To maximize the benefits of the CloudApp, make sure your LapSim® is permanently connected to the Internet.

Other updates to Basic Skills

  • Graphic update to give a modern and more anatomically correct feel
  • The Task Training box environment has a completely new design
  • Basic Skills Lifting & Grasping has an improved scoring
    • Points lost for atraumatic grasping
  • Result parameter “Instruments outside view” is added to
    • Lifting & Grasping
    • Cutting
    • Clip Applying

New validated LapSim® VATS lobectomy course

Based on the first study to establish validated evidence, for a Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery involving a right upper lobe lobectomy, in a VR simulator test.

The study has been conducted by Katrine Jensen, Henrik Jessen Hansen and René Horsleben Petersen from the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Rigshospitalet, University Hospital of Copenhagen, Denmark.

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