As the global surgical robotic market races towards a staggering USD 18.4 Billion by 2027¹, it’s crucial to ensure safe adoption. However, one critical challenge remains: accessibility to comprehensive training. However, a solution already exist, with ever-advancing development. 

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Training outside OR

Give your customers accessibility to master the art of robotic surgery.

Did you know that the percentage of surgical procedures performed by robotic technology in the United States skyrocketed from 0% to 19% between 2012 and 2018? ¹

However, with rapid growth comes the responsibility to ensure safe and effective usage. Imagine possessing an incredible tool but lacking the knowledge to use it correctly.

Bridge the training gap, with a customized solution implemented into your unique robotic grips, so your customer can learn and enhance their clinical proficiency and performance outside the OR.

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Extensive experience in medical simulation

Our pioneering team developed the very first commercial surgical robotic simulator in 2007, setting the industry standard ever since.

By leveraging advanced techniques in real-time physics, rendering, and kinematics modeling, our simulation engineers and hardware experts deliver an unrivaled training experience.

With state-of-the-art graphics and tactile feedback, our technology brings the operating room to life, immersing you in a realistic surgical environment.

But training accessibility goes beyond technology. We understand the challenges faced by surgeons, such as language barriers and the need for proficiency-based hands-on learning. That’s why our extensive library of procedures and curricula, developed in collaboration with medical society experts, addresses these challenges head-on.

We’ve thoughtfully crafted a training experience that caters to your customers individual needs.

Backpack, stand-alone unit and ever-advancing development

With customized medical simulation solutions, you can implement your unique grips and choose what hardware, software and branding suits your needs best. 

In addition to a backpack solution, we have a stand-alone unit, RobotiX that are not only used by robotic companies to train their healthcare professionals (HCPs), but also during residency, warm-up training for experienced surgeons and further proficiency-based training to improve performance.

“Physicians and residents like to use Robotix Mentor but the most frequent user in our hospital is the chief surgeon who performs 50 or more robotic prostatectomy cases per year,” said Dr. Yuji Maeda, Chief of Urology, at Matto Central Hospital in Hakusan, Japan.

Practising on a simulator, not patients

“While a picture is worth a thousand words, an accurate, virtual-reality, surgical simulation module is worth a thousand hours in the operating room”, said Dr. Daniel P. Verges, fellow of Endourology and Minimal Invasive Urologic Oncology at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, US.

“What I like is that it is a separate device. Some of the other simulation systems have to be connected to the actual robot. So, you can’t really use these during the day.” Dr. Verges added.

“One thing that I was sold on is the extremely realistic tissue dynamics; it is exactly like what you see in the operating room – how the tissue behaves to dissection and energy, the anatomy, and even the sutures,” said Dr. Costas D. Lallas, Professor of Urology and Vice Chair of Academic Affairs at Thomas Jefferson University.

Customize your solution

Hardware and portability: Your original instruments, our technology. We offer full-sized and portable platforms for medical simulators.

Software: Choose from an extensive library of procedures or request the development of new tasks and procedures. We integrate your MedTech device/handles with the software and bespoke robotic surgery simulation with your unique grips.

Curricula and Performance Reports: Choose existing or develop additional curricula. The simulators track all movements and provide detailed performance reports. You can also add didactics and quizzes.

Branding: We offer customization options for both hardware and software to create a fully branded simulation experience.


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