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Surgical Science is committed to advancing the field of medical simulation training through continuous improvement of our existing products. By maintaining long-term relationships with our customers, we get valuable information regarding the functionalities of our software and hardware products out in the markets.

One important part in our development work is to be able to learn from our existing products performances. We log every incoming support ticket in our database, it is categorized and we allocate the appropriate resources in our technicians or development team to resolve the issue. Our database automatically reminds the allocated party about the ongoing ticket until a solution has been delivered to the customer.

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If you need support or if you have a service related question, please fill out the form below and one of our service technicians will usually contact you within 24 hours.


Full Service Program

Surgical Science encourages you to sign a Full Service Program for your Simball Box®. This way you will ensure that your simulator equipment runs at its optimum performance level and you will automatically get the latest updates.

As a Full Service customer, you will have all the latest features, you will control your service costs, minimize downtime, and receive personal software training to fully take advantage of your investment.

The Full Service Program includes

  1. Coverage for hardware breakdown: unlimited repair labor
  2. All replacement parts for the hardware
  3. Priority over non-contract customers

The Full Service Program details

  • Hardware covered by the Full Service program is Haptic devices, instrument handles, carts, computers, tablets, graphics cards, and endoscopy scope, handles, tubes and tools.
  • Only simulator systems in normal working condition may be accepted for service under our Full Service Program. To establish system working conditions, an inspection by a Surgical Science technician may be required at the customer’s expense, and all repairs necessary to return the system to normal working condition must be performed before a Full Service agreement can be signed.
  • Only simulator systems less than 3 years old can be accepted to our Full Service Program.

Surgical Science Repair Center

If repair is needed to be performed at a Surgical Science Repair Center, Surgical Science will be responsible for paying shipping to and from the Surgical Science Repair Center for Full Service customers. The Full Service Program will cover all applicable expenses within the agreement period.


Service for non-contract customers

  • For customers without a Full Service program, an hourly charge is applied for any technical service provided.
  • Surgical Science also offers onsite service visits for a standard fee, replacement parts excluded.

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