Beyond the Basics in Endoscopy Simulation Training

EndoSim is the only endoscopy simulation training that offers a fully customizable curriculum, allowing for a diversity of challenges, and increasing levels of difficulty. EndoSim also offers the opportunity to hone in on the critical procedural elements most in need of practice, so trainees can make the most of valuable endoscopy training time. The simulator’s unique assessment and performance metrics provide the opportunity for real-time on-screen cues and off-site review.

Upper GI: Gastroscopy Intubation

Our Upper GI training module gives the trainee the possibility to simulate scope handling, navigation to duodenum and back, and mucosal examination; all to maximize technical skills and minimize risks before the first meeting with the patient.

With highly realistic scope tube dynamics you learn the tube’s behavior when taking photographs, biopsies/sample pathologic lesions, and randomized target area seeding capabilities.

Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP)

The EndoSim® ERCP module offers simulation training on Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography in a realistic environment, with focus on the challenging bile duct cannulation. Includes a split-screen for simultaneous display of endoscopic and fluoroscopic views.

Navigating with a 90° camera side view,  cannulation through papilla and into the bile duct with help of X-ray, together with the handling of guidewire and sphincterotome,  injection of dye and x-ray interpretation, give a comprehensive training experience.


The Bronchoscopy module offers endoscopy simulation training on full examination, finding specific target segments, as well as interventional and diagnostic procedures. Advanced force feedback technology combines with powerful, detailed graphics and cognitive instruction for an immersive, multi-sensory endoscopic training experience.

Featuring navigation training using our realistic scope handle, foreign body removal, cytobrush, and other tool exercises. Also included a simultaneous 3D side view to speed up learning.

Lower GI: Colonoscopy Intubation

While interacting with a virtual reality simulation of the human colon, physicians train to navigate through the entire large intestine, from rectum to cecum, at different difficulty levels.

Featuring a flexible colon model, cases include looping and challenging anatomies of various kinds that are combined and applied to different parts of the colon down to the cecum. For each pathology the location and severity can be changed.

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