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MentorLearn New Release

New MentorLearn Cloud Version!

We are thrilled to announce the latest release of MentorLearn cloud version!
New features, new capabilities.

MentorLearn Version:

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Fresh and Updated User Interface

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  • New library view – Introducing the Library grid view, tailored for tablets and small screens, for enhanced accessibility and user experience
  • New design for benchmarks indication – It’s now easier to understand whether the user has passed or failed a given metric.
  • Seamless logins with Identity Provider integration – Now, you can securely access multiple accounts with a single login, enhancing both convenience and security
  • New design for the reports tab graphs – Introducing a fresh design for the Reports tab graphs, enhancing visual clarity and user experience for performance analysis
  • Compare users and groups metrics and set benchmarks easily  – This feature allows you to compare expert benchmarks with novices, and to configure metrics proficiency efficiently and fast

Customize Report Labels for Better Organization

Personalize session segmentation with labels like “Pre-op Assessment” or “Needs Review”.

Streamline organization and prioritize sessions based on specific surgical stages and areas for improvement.

Customize Report Labels

We've implemented numerous improvements

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Here are some of the key ones

  • Virtual keyboard is available for touch screens
  • Videos can be downloaded from the reports’ section

What's next?





Video storage in Cloud:

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Store and watch performance videos directly from the cloud on your mobile device.

Course certification

Course certification

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Export course certifications directly from the Reports section.

How to get this update?

MentorLearn Cloud accounts will receive this update automatically in the upcoming weeks.

Offline update will be determined based on the terms of the system’s Service Agreement.
Please reach out to your local support team if you have further questions.

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