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At Surgical Science, we know the importance of providing solutions that meet the unique needs of your organization. Our close collaboration with your team ensures that the final product is exactly what you need and want.

Ultra-portable simulators

See an example of endovascular simulators. During the customization process you’ll have a team of experts who will help deliver a unique product – customized to your needs and preferences. During our 20 years we have developed customized simulation for multiple medical specialties.


Why use Surgical Science?

Experience: Our technology teams include simulation engineers who use the most advanced techniques in real-time physics and rendering and kinematics experts.

Technology: Whatever your hardware integration requirements may be, we have probably already done it! We have developed solutions integrated with original MedDevice instruments and robotic surgery console for the highest fidelity user experience.

Anatomical simulation and procedures: We have surgeons, medical illustrators, 3D artists and rendering experts who work together with our developers to provide the most realistic procedure simulation currently available.

Data science and AI research: Our Data Science department is working with research teams in academia and industry to support their initiatives in AI and advanced analytics.

Analytics and insights: We have developed a simple but powerful scoring system and data ecosystem that has been used to collect more performance and usage data than any other MedDevice or robotic simulator on the market.

We have comprehensive cloud platforms such as Mentor Learn, and our advanced data analytics team can generate custom dashboards and reports to support your specific needs.

Start your customization

Partner with us to access industry-leading solutions that elevate your capabilities without compromising on quality. Together, let’s drive success and make a lasting impact in the field of medical technology.

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