Media Pack for LAPSIM® ST

LAPSIM® ST is a virtual reality simulator made by Surgical Science that trains Surgical Technologist and Surgical Assistants in laparoscopic skills.

LAPSIM® ST Benefits

  • Kit Includes: Gaming laptop, instrument & camera simball ports (holders), Pelican Case with handle and wheels
  • Teach ZOOM classes using software content
  • Students can practice at home
  • Cutting-edge virtual reality technology
  • Marketing tool for recruiting events to attract new students and advertising and PR to promote our school
  • Students from our program need to be prepared for the OR and be the best trained and prepared students. LAPSIM® ST does that!
  • When students perform well at clinicals it will bring goodwill to our school and increase student career placement
  • Students practice important laparoscopic surgical skills by repetition which leads to proficiency and confidence, so they can focus on more advanced skills during clinical rotations
  • Other programs at our school can use it, like first assist or (perioperative) nursing
  • High visibility for our program to showcase our school as a true center of excellence while providing an additional learning experience that students will not be able to receive at other local colleges or universities
  • Training sessions are compressed to the actual procedure training events, meaning student and faculty time is saved on travel, setup and OR costs for clinical sites
  • Provides analytics reporting to objectively measure and assess individual and class performance to assess skills development and identification of students needing additional training prior to clinical rotations
  • With the ability to record student exercises, we can offer instructor feedback including discussion of events and assimilation of activities, which facilitate long-term learning and retention
  • Simulation allows for variation within the clinical context, for example multiple patient scenarios can offer exposure to clinical experiences which can be difficult to obtain

LAPSIM® ST Learning Objectives

  • Practice laparoscopic skills in a realistic laparoscopic view and environment
  • Master the counter-intuitive camera & instrument movements and develop working space awareness
  • Students gain knowledge of key procedure steps in MIS
  • Instant objective performance feedback
  • Outcome-based program to achieve student competencies
  • Train safely away from the patient to gain confidence before going into the OR
  • Practice Basic Skills and Full Procedures

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