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Meet the next generation customized simulators for the medical device industry

Whether you are launching a new device, qualifying new sales reps or training physicians to perform a complex intervention – we have the solution for you.

ICE Trainer

Catheter-based intra-cardiac echocardiography (ICE) is an imaging modality that provides meaningful, real-time anatomical peri-interventional guidance in treatment of structural heart disease and cardiac arrhythmias.

ICE is increasingly adopted to reduce radiation exposure during AF Ablation.

ThANGIO Mentor ICE Trainer module is designed for training on standard ICE view acquisition in a variety of pathologies, using a real modified ICE catheter handle in a didactic environment.


  • Practice fluoroscopic positioning and manipulation of the ICE catheter
  • Practice ICE standard view acquisition
  • Practice advanced echo features as sepia color scheme, depth, gain contrast and freezing/snapshotting the echo image.
  • Learn to interpret intracardiac hemodynamic flow using color doppler

Simbionix TEE Express

A cutting edge compact TEE simulator

This affordable platform is an enhanced self-training tool, designed to tech Trans-Esophageal Echocardiography (TEE) using a realistic TEE probe.

The simulator provides tasks and cases in a full range of pathologies to practice a realistic and comprehensive TEE examination.

Trainees can hone their skills to capture the standard views in a didactic environment, use advanced measurements and imaging modes as well as diagnose diverse clinical findings.

The clinical cases include valvular pathologies, congenital defects and atrial fibrillation.

NEW: TEE Emergency module including typical real life ER case scenarios such as VF, cardiac arrest, chest compressions and pericardial effusion.


  • Packed in a carry-on suitcase
  • Compact
  • Affordable
  • Easy set-up

Launching a new endovascular device?

You can focus on the launch. We’ll take care of the device simulation.

Use custom, life-like simulation of your device to successfully:

  • Implement an innovative marketing strategy
  • Train and educate anywhere: portable simulators enable global staff training
  • Accelerate device adoption: train busy KOLs on the go
  • Demonstrate your device at conferences attracts an audience and provides hands-on experience
  • Reduce training costs: perform endless interventions with the use of a single device
  • Minimize training on animals or cadavers

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