Are you looking for a comprehensive training program for your Cardiovascular Technology (CVT) Program? Look no further than Angio Mentor, a training simulator that offers significant educational benefits and focuses on patient safety.

Hands-on training
With Angio Mentor, your students can gain hands-on practice of basic and advanced procedures performed under fluoroscopy in the catheterization lab, interventional suite, or an operating room. The high-end haptic technology provides a realistic simulation with tactile feedback of interventional devices, including a guidewire, balloon, stent, and interventional devices. Students can also learn how to operate the C-arm, patient’s table, fluoroscopic screen, read hemodynamic monitoring, and administer medications for complicated treatments.

Team training
The simulator provides a complete individual and team training solution for learners of all levels and across multiple disciplines. The interactive platform incorporates the latest required curriculum elements into the simulator through activities and exercises, with a vast library of modules and cases.

Assessment and objective measuring
Angio Mentor also offers instant analytics reporting to objectively measure and assess individual and class performance, evaluating skills development and identifying students who may need additional training. With the ability to record student exercises, instructors can offer feedback, including discussion of events and assimilation of activities, facilitating long-term learning and retention.

Simulation allows for variation within the clinical context, with multiple patient scenarios offering exposure to clinical experiences that can be difficult to obtain.

Clinical validation studies
Validation studies have reinforced the value of simulators in professional development, making Angio Mentor an excellent addition to your program offerings. Contact us today to learn more about how Angio Mentor can enhance your CVT program and provide your students with a comprehensive training program focused on patient safety.

“Ultimately, the use of simulation in the Health Science programs at Valencia is critical to the student’s training. In particular, in our cardiovascular technology program, with the aid of the Simbionix simulator, our students are able to replicate the exact procedures that they will be performing in the hospital setting. In this regard simulation helps the students to understand and put safety first for the patients so they can give the best care possible while working in their field.”
Penny Conners
Dean of Allied Health, Valencia College

The ANGIO Mentor’s ever-expanding library of modules, supporting 11+ medical specialties:

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