Custom-Made Simulation

Time to revolutionize your medical devices and training with customized state-of-the art simulation.

Customizable VR simulation

  • Develop safe state-of-the-art VR training simulation without the need for training on patients. Reducing costs and learning time.

  • Develop bespoke simulation to train on medical robots.

  • Simulate your own products and interfaces to educate your salesforce.

  • Wow your customers by showing off your products in a virtual reality environment.

We have developed VR simulation for:

Anaesthesia, dentistry, eye surgery, flexible endoscopy, laparoscopy, orthopedic surgery, ultrasound interpretation and robotic surgery training.

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Bespoke VR simulation for new products, training and marketing

  • We provide data-driven training metrics and feedback to help learning and development.

  • Simulate your own instruments, devices and tools to create realistic lifelike environments.

  • Our simulation combines our latest technologies with real-time graphics and advanced force feedback, so you can experience as close to reality as possible.

  • We offer long term partnerships including staff training and support.


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Robotic Simulation

Develop bespoke simulators for medical robots

Marketing & Research

Get the competitive edge at events and test your products for research


VR Simulation
Case Studies

Be inspired by the companies and people we have worked with


Why Simulation Training?

Develop basic and advanced skills without training on patients


Technology, skills and techniques

What we can provide:

  • Premium visual effects based on anatomical structures.
  • Haptic devices – specially designed to your own requirement.
  • Ergonomics and usuabilty testing to help improve your designs.
  • Metrics and performance feedback – understand how a trainee’s performance compares to experts and where additional training is required.
  • Simulation in Fluoroscopy, X-ray, Fluid & Soft body physics and sim comtrol. Particle systems, Volume rendering.
  • Ultrasound generation-highly realistic simulated ultrasound images and corresponding features.
  • Bespoke training curriculums with interactive courseware interfaces.

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