We at Surgical Science are happy to announce the release of the latest annual update for our virtual reality laparoscopic trainer LapSim® 2017.

LapSim® 2017 contains the next generation of Gynecology and Appendectomy Modules

The Appendectomy and Gynecology modules are of the oldest and most popular we have. The time has come to give them a complete remodeling. Both modules have been integrated in our latest technology platform and new graphics to make the experience more realistic, and fresh visual look. The Appendectomy Module now includes a Retro-Caecal Anatomy Case and a brand new Free-Hand Mode – an unguided approach to the appendix removal. The Gynecology Module has new anatomy, amended tactile feedback and improved feeling of tissue handling.

Instrument Selection

To improve the user-friendliness of all our modules we have added a new way of changing the instrument currently used. You can turn the rotation wheel to change the instrument. This new feature is available in all modules where it is possible to choose instruments.

Download the complete product sheet here.


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