Gothenburg, Sweden (March 23, 2015) – In a new policy by the Capital Region in Denmark physicians in all specialties must complete a compulsory simulation-based training program. Prior to progressing to live patient training, physicians will be required to earn certification by demonstrating proficiency on the simulator program.

“Simulators like Surgical Science’s LapSim offer students a more thorough understanding of a procedure by developing their technical and cognitive skills within a simulated clinical context,” said Hans Uddenberg, global product manager of Surgical Science. “With approximately 1,000 new licenses issued to physicians every year in Copenhagen, this is a great opportunity to re-imagine surgical education to better prepare doctors for real-world patient encounters. As a developer of virtual reality simulators, Surgical Science is helping to advance critical surgical competencies, reduce patient risk, and better prepare the next generation of physicians to improve patient outcomes.”

Today, approximately one-fifth of physicians in Denmark train on virtual reality surgical simulators. The new requirements will shift that percentage to include all physicians in training regardless of specialty.

“These requirements signal a growing acceptance of and need for simulator-based certification,” said Tomas Ragnarsson, managing director of Surgical Science. “While Denmark is certainly on the vanguard of this shift in medical education, we believe they will be the first of many to recognize the benefits of simulation training on physician skills and confidence, patient safety and healthcare economics.”

While simulator-based training is currently required only in Denmark’s Capital Region, programs in other regions of the country are also rapidly adopting surgical simulations for specialties such as obstetrics-gynecology.

About Surgical Science:
Surgical Science, established in 1999, develops high quality tools for the Assessment, Training and Certification of medical professionals. Using Virtual Reality simulation technologies, users are able to build skills on Surgical Science simulators that demonstrate and transfer proficiency from virtual reality to the operating suites. Surgical Science’s world headquarters are in Gothenburg (Sweden) with the Americas headquarters in Minneapolis, MN and offices in Mexico City (Latin America) and Toronto (Canada).

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